The style of Henri Hess (1950, Eindhoven) is direct, uncomplicated and multicolored. His love for painting splashes off the canvas.

With great power of expression he paints village views, landscapes, water features, still lifes and portraits. Henri Hess frequently goes out. Wandering around Brabant between farms, along the banks of the Dommel with a view of embankments and distant endings, on the French coast at picturesque little harbors, everywhere he makes sketches and paints what inspires him on the spot.

His works radiate an atmosphere of security, which originates in the peace of nature. Impressive are the summer and autumn landscapes in specific earth colors. Village views, market scenes and some still lifes have the melancholy atmosphere and mood, which is also characteristic of Hess. In the works in which Hess limits himself to rendering the impression, he is at his best.

"Red deer in rut season "
120 x 180 cM

"Here you can see an impression video of Henri Hess and his artworks"

"Here you can see an impression video of Henri Hess and his artworks".


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